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If you are unsure which service you might benefit from, an initial consultation will help us both to identify your needs and thus
enabling the best form of therapy to have those needs met.




Sometimes all we want is just to feel better…

My aim as your counsellor is to support and remain alongside you throughout your journey towards resolution and healing. I will provide the space and time for us both to create a respectful, trusting therapeutic relationship and using appropriate therapeutic skills, I will encourage you to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding, necessary to facilitate the process of positive change. The issues which we can work through together, include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression (including post-natal)
  • Stress
  • Difficulties coping with general life issues
  • Relational Trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Somatisation and Dissociation
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anger Management
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Lack of Self Awareness

Developing this awareness through counselling can have
an extraordinary effect on the healing process
and gives you the valuable, empowering tools to move forward.

Life Coaching

Life should be about balance, well-being and realising your full potential. As your life coach I will encourage you to identify and change your limiting beliefs and behaviour which might be preventing this balance and encourage you to develop the empowering tools and mental attitude conducive to well-being and realising your full potential.  I also have over 15 years experience as a fitness professional and lead several successful classes in  Barnstaple Devon

The areas of life coaching that I have a wealth of experience in include:


  • Confidence
  • Career
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Financial Management
  • Greater Life Balance
  • Achieving Your Potential

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.”

Tony Robbins


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